To produce a perfect pair of Woodworks Eyewear we possess a team of practised craftsmen, hand-selected materials, and a vast attention to detail.

Every step of our process, from style and development, to production and final review, happens in our workshop.
This enables us to make sure that every pair of eyewear leaving our workshop has been held to the best quality standards and that you receive the best piece of eyewear possible.

1. Sourcing

High quality wood as per our standards and requirements is sourced locally as well as from international markets. This wood is gathered at the workshop and cleaned for further process.

2. Cutting & Building

The wooden logs are cut into accurately sized rectangular wooden pieces which is used in the next process i.e. carving

3. Carving

The properly sized wooden pieces are repeatedly kept in the machine on which laser carving of the central module as well as sides of the frames are prepared. This process is majorly computerized hence high level of accuracy is maintained.

4. Shaping

The material being wood follows its own characteristics when cut. So this process involves proper shaping of the components and freeing them from sharp edges, side cuts etc. to ensure a smoother contact surface.

5. Polishing

After proper smoothening of surfaces of eyewear components, they are drypolished as well as polished with high quality wax polish which brings lustre to our product.

6. Cleaning

After polishing the surfaces, they are properly cleaned to attain finishing.

7. Painting

Each components are painted with polish to attain scratch free surface on the wood.

8. Assembling

The central module and the sides are assembled together via high quality steel hinges.

Your pair of wonderful eyewear are ready to rock.

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